31 July 2012

downtown life

heyy! so for the past week i've had my friend Lily visiting from england... we were best friends in primary school, and have kept in touch! its the first time we've seen in each other in like 8 years!! 

well anyway we went down town to see a blue jays game and they won :) and could't help buying a hat! then we went to the cn tower the highest free standing structure in the world! 
xxx ilona and lily!

27 July 2012

Outfit of the Day!

 Hey Everyone! Today I went to Orientation my University to learn more about studying abroad in england! My twin sister and I are both going to England together. We meet some lovely people and got the chance to find the answers to our questions. It was suppose to rain today, so I was prepared with my new Hunter Rain boots! I wore a TNA army shirt from Aritzia, a striped dress from Urban Outfitters, my Steve Madden shoulder bag and a cheetah print scarf that I borrowed from Ilona!
Here are some pictures of the University Campus. I can't wait to be on it in my second year!
Have a great day!
Larissa Xx

25 July 2012

Outfit of the Day

All of my clothing items are from Aritzia! I'm wearing my dilemma white lace top, black zipper bralette and wilfred, Le Fou velvet pants! Below are more shots of the items.  
I hope everyone has an amazing day!
Larissa Xx

21 July 2012


the week was full of birthdays! (but none of our own!)
1. the delicious rainbow cupcakes we had last night after we went out for dinner
2. my new additions from Aritzia a sweater and two pairs of shorts (which I have to share with my lil sis)
3. homemade cake pops trying out the new babycakes machine
4. We had the same dinner last night! Nothing better then chicken strips and fries
xxx ilona

17 July 2012

Beginning of the Summer Haul

I did some shopping this summer and bought some statement clothing pieces!
 I bought this Jean shirt from H&M it was $24.95. It is a basic clothing item that I can integrate in my closet easily!
Aritzia is one of my favourite stores! It also helps that it is Canadian! I had bought Bright pink shorts for $32 that are extremely comfortable. I purchased a black zipper bralette bandeau for $20 that I could wear under sheer shirts or with alone with high waisted bottoms. I had bought a Striped long sleeve for $32 as well. This item can be worn with literally anything! All of the items at Aritzia were on sale!

I bought this Coral blazer with purple lining for $80 from Zara. I had first laid my eyes on it while in New York but later bought it back home in Toronto! This blazer will be used as a colour blocking piece or will act as an accent to my outfits.

At Zara i had also purchased a tropical dress for $35. It stands out and is perfect for a night out! I am in love with maxi skirts and thought this black maxi skirts would be worn in all the different seasons! I purchased it for $25. All of the items were on sale!

Until next time!
Larissa Xx

16 July 2012

Thin Rings

The thin ring is what everyone has on their fingers. Keeping it simple is the key, with a thin band and either plain or with a small rhinestone or shape on them. These rings can range in price, and are most popular in silver, but also can be found in gold or rose gold.

colour block bands $4.80
small star ring $30

aubrey ring $45

wee heart ring $78
gold and turquoise thin ring $175

15 July 2012

A Day on the Boat

instead of the typical trip to the beach, why not take a trip on the boat!
remember the obvious stuff: a good bathing suit (thats cute, but also keeps everything in place...don't want any slips while your water skiing!), a towel and sunscreen.
1. a fun graphic tee topshop $30
2. classic pair of glasses raybans
3. simple straw hat topshop $36
4. cute and practical bikini h&m
5. relaxed fit shorts american eagle $50
6. the take anywhere bag topshop $70
don't forget a good book and a picnic.
and this is my boat!

Night it Up!

We went to Night it Up last night! We decided to have a Asian night out! It was a festival with food and music! We had eaten Shish Kabobs and tried Tornado potatoes! After that we went for bubble tea and hung out with one another for a few hours!

10 July 2012

Dinner at Terroni !

We had dinner at Terroni last week. The food was delicious!   We had a mini photo shoot behind Terroni for some fun. In the car we were singing Olly Murs and Hannah Montana! Overall a great night with the girls!
Larissa Xx

9 July 2012


Last week was canada day! So we celebrated by watching fireworks and a day spent by the pool. Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and delicious pizza from Terroni.
Ilona xx